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We are about giving you awesome training/coaching in webapplications.

We ( Brecht Billiet and Kwinten Pisman ) are giving frontend-software-workshops for quite a while now. Since the traction is getting hotter and hotter, we decided to put a name behind our concept: StrongBrew . StrongBrew does not only stand for the fact that we adore the famous Belgian beers, but we also look at our workshops as brews, certain recipes to create awesome webapps. We also hold strong opinions on how one should create webapplications, and even though there are multiple ways to get stuff done, we would love to teach you how we do things.

One Brew = 1 awesome day + slides + sourcecode + Q&A

We are both software architects in webdevelopment and we use the technologies that we teach on a daily basis . It's our goal to pass on our experience that we have gathered in the field, and make you guys feel home at the newest technologies.

Brecht Billiet

Software architect and mentor

Kwinten Pisman

Software architect and mentor


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Reactive applications with Angular2, Rxjs and @ngrx

This is our most awesome workshop at the moment. This wonderful strong brew has the newest technologies explained to you. It's a one-day rollercoaster of best-practices and fun. We will refactor a poorly written application to be snappy and maintainable. The application we are going to refactor is a winecellar.

What you'll learn

  • Angular2 in a nutshell (it's not an angular2 course though)
  • Smart & dumb components
  • Redux (ngrx/store)
  • Rxjs
  • Realtime communication
  • Optimistic updates
  • Architectural decisions

Prerequisites: Basic Angular2/typescript

Max attendees: 30-40


Sadly (not realy), our workshop at ng-be is completely sold out. We are planning to organise this workshop independently. Are you interested? Awesome! Let us know and we will notify you when the workshop will pop up again.
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